Blippi Net Worth, Age, Career, Education, Height, Family, Wife, & More

Blippi, the beloved children’s entertainer, has taken the internet by storm with his fun and educational videos. With his signature orange suspenders and blue bowtie, Blippi has captured the hearts of millions of young viewers worldwide. But who is the man behind the character? In this post, we will look closer at Blippi net worth, age, career, education, family, wife, and more.

Quick Info

Date of Birth May 27, 1988
Age 36 Years
Birth Place Seattle, WA
Residence Seattle
Country United States
Profession YouTuber

Who is Blippi?

Blippi is a well-known YouTuber from Seattle, United States. He was born on May 27, 1988, in the United States. But Blippi is not his real name; he is named Stevin W. John. In his videos, Blippi wears very bright and colourful clothes.

He loves learning and teaching about many cool things like science, animals, big trucks, and music. When you watch his videos, you can learn a lot of new stuff in a fun and exciting way. Blippi makes learning super enjoyable for kids everywhere.

Blippi Net Worth, Age, Career, Education, Height, Family, Wife, & More

Blippi Early Life

Blippi, also known as Stevin W. John, was born on May 27, 1988, in Ellensburg, Washington, United States. From a young age, Stevin loved to explore and learn new things. He was always curious and liked asking questions.

His childhood was filled with adventures and discovering the world around him. This curiosity helped him become the Blippi kids love today, always ready to learn and have fun.

Blippi Age

Blippi was born on May 27, 1988, and is 36 years old as of 2024. Time flies fast! It feels like just yesterday, he started making fun videos for kids. He’s been doing it for quite some time and has grown a bit older, just like all of us.

But despite his age, Blippi’s energy and enthusiasm have not diminished. He continues to be a beloved figure in children’s entertainment.

Blippi Career

Blippi’s journey to becoming a loved children’s entertainer started in a way many might find surprising. Before he became the Blippi we know today, Stevin John made very different videos. Back in 2013, he created videos under the name Steezy Grossman. These videos were not for kids; they were meant to be funny for adults, but in a way that’s not appropriate for children.

One of these videos showed Steezy doing a silly dance called the Harlem Shake in a very messy situation that involved making a big mess on a friend. Later, Stevin John looked back at those times and said he thought it was funny then.

But as he grew and changed, so did his ideas of what was truly funny and what he wanted to share with the world. This change in perspective led him to create the character Blippi, focusing on making learning fun and safe for kids. Stevin’s early work starkly contrasts the positive, educational content he produces as Blippi, showing how much a person can change and grow.

Blippi Net Worth, Age, Career, Education, Height, Family, Wife, & More

Blipping’s Rise to Fame

Blippi’s journey to fame started when he decided to make learning fun for kids through videos. He began posting his educational videos on YouTube, and kids and their parents quickly started loving them. With his catchy songs, colourful clothes, and exciting way of teaching about things like trucks, animals, and numbers, Blippi became a big hit.

His way of making learning a blast helped him get lots of fans all over the world. Soon, Blippi wasn’t just a person on YouTube; he became a hero to many little learners everywhere.

Blippi Net Worth

Blippi has become very popular because he makes learning fun for kids. Because so many kids and their families watch his videos, Blippi has made much money. People often wonder, “How much money does Blippi’s Net Worth?” It is thought that Blippi’s net worth, or the total amount of money he has, is around $140 million.

That’s a really big number! This money comes from all the videos he puts on the internet and other things related to Blippi that people can buy. So, when you watch Blippi dance around and teach about cool things, remember he’s also done a great job making his dream into something that helps him earn money to live his life.

Blippi Net Worth, Age, Career, Education, Height, Family, Wife, & More

Blippi Education

Blippi, also known as Stevin W. John, went to school just like everyone else. After he finished high school, he went on to graduate from college in the United States. He worked hard in school and learned a lot of things that helped him make his fun videos today. Even in school, he loved learning new stuff, just like he teaches kids to do in his videos.

Blippi Height Weight

Blippi, also known to many as Stevin W. John, stands tall at 5 feet and 10 inches, the same as 178 centimetres if you use a ruler to measure. When it comes to how much he weighs, Blippi is 165 pounds. If you’re curious about what that is in kilograms, it’s around 75 kg.

Blippi has light brown hair, which you can easily spot because it’s often peeking under his signature hat. This information helps us picture how Blippi might look in real life, aside from the bright and colourful clothes he wears in his videos.

Blippi Wife

Blippi’s wife’s name is Alyssa Ingham. They have been happily married for a little more than three months. Alyssa and Blippi share a special bond and love spending time. Just like Blippi enjoys making educational videos for kids, he also enjoys making wonderful memories with Alyssa.

They are a lovely couple, and many people admire their relationship. Their compatibility and mutual respect for work have strengthened their bond, making them a source of inspiration for many.

Blippi Net Worth, Age, Career, Education, Height, Family, Wife, & More

Blippi Family Background

Blippi, whose real name is Stevin W. John, has a loving family that has always supported him. Growing up in Ellensburg, Washington, he spent much time exploring and learning about the world around him. This curiosity was encouraged by his family, who loved to see him happy and learning.

Even though not much is publicly known about his parents or if he has any brothers or sisters, it’s clear that his family played a big role in him becoming the fun-loving Blippi that kids adore today. They were the first to see his passion for discovery and learning, eventually leading him to share that passion with children worldwide through his videos. His family’s support helped him turn his dreams into a reality, showing how important family is in helping us become who we are.

Blippi Youtube Channel

Blippi’s adventure on YouTube began in 2012 when he decided to create a special place online where kids could learn and have fun at the same time. His channel quickly became a favourite among kids, and by 2014, more than 10 million people had subscribed to watch his videos. This shows just how much kids and their parents enjoyed watching Blippi explore and learn about the world in a fun way.

In 2017, Blippi took his love for making learning enjoyable a step further by releasing his first children’s music album, “Fun Songs for Kids”. This album was packed with catchy tunes that got kids singing and dancing along while learning new things.

But Blippi didn’t stop there. In 2024, he introduced a line of toys and apparel that featured his popular characters. This allowed kids to bring a piece of Blippi’s world into their homes, making learning and playing with Blippi even more special. Blippi has created a fun and colourful world through his YouTube channel, where learning is always an adventure.

Blippi Instagram

On Instagram, Blippi shares lots of pictures and stories. He has made 1,287 posts and has a big group of followers, 765,000! He also follows 939 accounts. Blippi uses Instagram to share moments from his life, sneak peeks of new videos, and fun learning tips. It’s a colourful place, just like his videos. Kids and parents can see what Blippi is up to at any time.


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Blipping Impact on Children’s Entertainment

Blippi has changed the way kids learn and play. Before Blippi, some children found learning boring. But with his fun videos, learning turned into an exciting adventure. Kids worldwide love to watch Blippi because he makes discovering new things fun. He uses songs, dances, and colourful places to help kids remember what they learn.

Because of Blippi, many kids now look forward to learning about science, animals, and more. Teachers and parents are happy, too, because they see how much kids enjoy learning with Blippi. He has made a big, happy difference in children’s entertainment.


Like many famous people, Blippi has had some controversies. Once before he was Blippi, Stevin John made a funny video that wasn’t nice for kids to see. He apologised and explained that he changed and didn’t think that was funny anymore. Now, he makes sure everything he does is good for kids. Sometimes, adults talk about this old video, but Blippi focuses on making his shows fun and safe for everyone.

The Future of Blippi

Blippi has big plans to make kids worldwide smile and learn. He’s always thinking of new ideas for fun videos to help children discover more about our amazing world. Blippi wants to visit even more cool places and share those adventures with his fans.

He’s also excited about creating new songs and games that make learning even more exciting. So, we can expect lots of new adventures and learning opportunities from Blippi in the future.


Blippi, also known as Stevin W. John, loves to do fun things when he’s not making learning videos for kids. Here are some of his hobbies: 

Exploring new places: Blippi loves to travel and see new things. He enjoys adventures in parks, museums, and even his neighbourhood. 

Playing with toys: Even though he’s grown up, Blippi still loves playing with toys. He especially likes big trucks and anything that can fly, like planes. 

Singing and dancing: Blippi has a lot of energy! He likes to make up songs and dance moves, which you can see in his videos. 

Drawing and colouring: When Blippi wants to relax, he picks up his crayons and starts drawing. He likes to colour pictures of animals and trucks.

Learning new things: Like in his videos, Blippi also loves learning in real life. He reads books and watches videos to learn about new stuff. 

Spending time with family and friends: Blippi loves hanging out with his wife, Alyssa, and friends. They have fun going on mini-adventures together.


Who is Blippi?

Blippi is a fun guy on YouTube who teaches kids about cool things like animals and trucks. His real name is Stevin W. John.

How old is Blippi?

Blippi was born on May 27, 1988, which makes him 35 years old.

What does Blippi do?

Blippi makes videos where he explores and learns about various things. He sings, dances, and shows kids how to have fun while learning.

Does Blippi have a wife?

Yes, Blippi’s wife’s name is Alyssa Ingham. They love spending time together and making happy memories.

How Much is Blippi Net Worth?

Blippi Net Worth is $140 million.

Where did Blippi grow up?** Blippi grew up in Ellensburg, Washington. He loved learning and exploring, even when he was little.

How tall is Blippi?

Blippi is about 5 feet and 10 inches tall. That’s as tall as some dads!

Can I watch Blippi videos on YouTube?

You can watch all of Blippi fun and educational videos on his YouTube channel. He has lots of videos where he learns about new things and goes on adventures.

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In conclusion, Blippi, or Stevin W. John, is a big star on the internet because he makes learning fun for kids. He wears colourful clothes and teaches about lots of different things. Blippi has become very popular and made much money from his videos. He also has a family that loves him and has helped him become who he is today. Blippi’s videos and toys help kids learn happily. He has shown that learning can be a great adventure.

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