Mary Lee Harvey Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Husband & More

Mary Lee Harvey is a well-known name in the entertainment industry. She was once married to the famous comedian and TV host Steve Harvey. However, there is more to her than just being the ex-wife of a celebrity. Mary is a talented makeup artist who has worked in the beauty industry for many years.

She gained recognition for her skills in enhancing people’s appearances and has worked with numerous clients. In addition to her career, Mary is also a loving mother to her son, Wynton, whom she shares with Steve.

In This Article, we look at Mary Lee Harvey Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Husband, & More.

Quick Info

Name Mary Lee Harvey
Age  64
DOB October 20, 1960
Net Worth $1.5 million
Profession Makeup artist
Nationality United States
Husband Steve Harvey

Who is Mary Lee Harvey?

Mary Lee Harvey is known for her work as a professional makeup artist. She was born on October 20, 1960, in Arlington, Texas, in the United States. Mary is more than just a talented person who makes others look beautiful. She became famous because she married Steve Harvey, a big name in comedy and television.

Together, they have a son named Wynton. Being Steve Harvey’s second wife brought her much attention, but Mary has her own story. She has spent many years working with different people, helping them shine with her makeup skills. Mary’s journey shows that she is not only defined by her marriage to someone famous but also by her talents and love for her son.

Mary Lee Harvey Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Husband & More

Early Life

Mary Lee Harvey was born on a fantastic day on October the 20th, 1960. Her hometown is Arlington, Texas, where she grew up. From a young age, Mary showed much interest in art and beauty.

Even as a little girl, she liked playing with makeup and dreamed of making people look their best. This passion for beauty followed her as she grew up. Mary went to school in Texas, where she made friends and learned a lot of things.

These early years were critical because they helped Mary become the talented makeup artist she is today. She didn’t know it then, but her love for makeup would one day become her career. These beginnings were humble but full of dreams and hopes for the future. Mary’s story teaches us that what we love doing when we’re young can lead to our future jobs.

Mary Lee Harvey Age

Mary Lee Harvey was born on October 20, 1960. If you look at the calendar and check the year 2024, she will be 64 years old. This means she has lived for more than six decades! Imagine all the birthdays she has celebrated and all the candles she has blown out on her cakes.

Each year has added to her life’s story, giving her experiences she has learned from. Being 64 is unique because it shows she has been around for a long time, gathering wisdom, memories, and precious moments. 

Mary Lee Harvey Career

Mary Lee Harvey started her work life early as a makeup artist. She loved makeup since she was a kid. This love made her dream of working with makeup come true. She did not just play with makeup for fun. She used it to make a career.

Mary worked in a store that sold cosmetics. In this store, she put makeup on people. She helped them look their best. Mary’s job was to ensure everyone who came to her left feeling happy and beautiful. She used brushes, colours, and talent to change people’s appearance.

Mary did this job for many years. She became very good at it. People knew her for her skill in making faces shine. Working in the cosmetic store was a big part of Mary’s job life. She made a name for herself as a professional makeup artist.

Mary Lee Harvey Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Husband & More

Mary Lee Harvey Net Worth

Mary Lee Harvey has a net worth of $1.5 million. This significant amount of money comes from her work as a makeup artist. When Mary puts makeup on people, she does not just make them look nice. She also makes money. Over many years, she got very good at her job.

People wanted her to make them look beautiful. So, she made more money. This is how her net worth grew to $1.5 million. Mary’s hard work in the beauty industry helped her save this money. It shows she did a good job and was very busy. Mary’s net worth is like a big jar of savings she filled by making people happy with her makeup skills.

Mary Lee Harvey Height Weight

Mary Lee Harvey is about as tall as a grown woman, standing 5 feet 7 inches high. That’s like standing five rulers long plus a little more on top. She weighs 143 pounds, as much as some big dogs weigh! Her hair is black, like the colour of the night sky without stars.

Her eyes are a deep dark brown, like the colour of chocolate. So, when you picture Mary, imagine someone who is not too tall and not too short, with hair as dark as midnight and eyes that remind you of your favourite chocolate bar.

Mary Lee Harvey’s Husband

Mary Lee Harvey was once married to Steve Harvey. Steve Harvey is a big star. He makes people laugh as a comedian. He also talks to people on TV shows. Steve has acted in movies, written books, and made TV shows. He is very famous, and many people know who he is.

Mary and Steve got married in 1996. They had a son together named Wynton. But, in 2005, Mary and Steve decided not to be married anymore. Steve has done a lot of work on TV and in movies. Even though Mary and Steve are not married now, Mary is still known because she was once Steve Harvey’s wife. They both take care of their son, Wynton. Steve continues to be on TV and make people happy.

Mary Lee Harvey Divorce

Mary Lee Harvey and Steve Harvey ended their marriage after being together for almost nine years. Before Mary, Steve had another wife named Marcia Whitman. He and Marcia got a divorce two years before he married Mary.

Mary and Steve’s time as husband and wife was filled with many happy and sad moments. But things didn’t stay the same, and they chose to separate. Their divorce was made final on December 3, 2005. This was a significant change for both of them.

Divorces can be challenging, which was no different for Mary and Steve. They had to figure out how to move on from this part of their lives. This decision was not just about them; they also thought about their son, Wynton. Ensuring he was okay during this time was very important to Mary and Steve.

Mary Lee Harvey Bio, Age, Career, Net Worth, Height, Husband & More

Noteworthy Achievements and Projects

Mary Lee Harvey has done amazing things in her career. One of her most significant achievements is becoming a well-known makeup artist. This means she’s good at using makeup to make people look their best. Mary has worked with many people, helping them feel more beautiful and confident.

Her skills have also taken her to work on projects outside the regular beauty salon. These projects could be photo shoots for magazines or helping actors prepare for their roles in movies or TV shows. Even though the details of these projects aren’t listed individually, it’s clear that Mary has used her talent in many different ways.

Her work is essential because it shows how much she loves what she does and how hard she works to be great at it.

Mary Lee Harvey Children

Mary Lee Harvey has a son named Wynton. She and Steve Harvey, a hilarious and famous man, welcomed Wynton into their family. Wynton is their only child together. Being a mom is a big part of Mary’s life. She loves Wynton and does many things to ensure he is happy and doing well.

Wynton has grown up to be someone special, just like his parents. Even though Mary and Steve are no longer married, they take good care of Wynton. They work together as his mom and dad. Mary’s life is filled with more than just her job and hobbies because being Wynton’s mom is very important to her.

Social Media Presence

Mary Lee Harvey is online, but only like a few other famous people. She keeps her online life a bit quiet. This means she doesn’t share everything she does daily with the world. Mary might have some pages on the internet where people can see what she’s up to, but she likes to keep things more private.

She uses the internet to stay in touch with people she knows and share what she likes or thinks is essential. But you won’t find her always talking on websites where many people chat and share pictures. Mary believes living in the real world with her family and friends is more important. So, if you’re looking for Mary Lee Harvey online, remember she likes to keep it simple and quiet.


When Mary Lee Harvey and Steve Harvey decided not to be married anymore, it caused a lot of talk. People were very interested in their lives because Steve Harvey is famous. This meant that many people wanted to know what was happening between them. Their divorce wasn’t quiet or private.

Instead, it was something many people talked about. During this time, there were some disagreements and problems that more people found out about. These problems were about money and how to take care of their son, Wynton. This part of Mary’s life was hard because it wasn’t just a private matter.

Many people knew about it and had different ideas about what should happen. It’s important to remember that sometimes, families go through tough times, and it’s harder when many other people are watching and talking about it.


Mary Lee Harvey enjoys doing things that make her happy when she’s not working with makeup. Here are seven hobbies she loves: 

Painting: Mary likes to create art. She uses colours and brushes to paint pictures of anything she imagines. 

Gardening: She enjoys planting flowers and vegetables in her garden. Watching them grow makes her happy. 

Reading: Mary loves to read books. She finds learning new things fun or getting lost in exciting stories. 

Cooking: Trying out new recipes and making tasty meals for her friends and family is something she enjoys a lot.

Walking: She finds walking to be relaxing. It helps her clear her mind and enjoy the beauty of nature. 

Photography: Mary likes taking pictures. She captures moments that are special to her or just things she finds pretty. 

Yoga: She does yoga to stay fit and calm. It’s a way for her to care for her body and mind. Mary finds joy in these activities, which help her have fun and relax outside her work.


What does Mary Lee Harvey do?

Mary Lee Harvey is a makeup artist. She uses makeup to make people look their best.

How old is Mary Lee Harvey?

She was born on October 20, 1960. So, you can figure out her age by checking what year it is now.

Was Mary Lee Harvey married?

She married Steve Harvey, but they are not married anymore.

Does Mary Lee Harvey have kids?

Yes, she has a son named Wynton with Steve Harvey.

How tall is Mary Lee Harvey?

She is 5 feet 7 inches tall. That’s short and not too tall.

How much money does Mary Lee Harvey have?

She has a net worth of $1.5 million. She made this money by being an outstanding makeup artist.

What makes Mary Lee Harvey unique?

She’s known for being more than just someone’s wife. She’s famous for her makeup skills and has worked hard to make people feel beautiful.

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In the end, Mary Lee Harvey’s life story is impressive. She shows us that fame isn’t the only way to be necessary. Mary made a name for herself with her makeup skills, helping many people feel pretty and confident. Even though she was married to a big star like Steve Harvey, she has an incredible story.

Mary and Steve have a son named Wynton, and even after they stopped being husband and wife, Mary kept being a great mom and working hard. Now, at 64 years old, she has seen and done many things. From starting as a makeup artist to becoming known in the beauty world, Mary proves that working hard and loving what you do can lead to great things. Her life teaches us that everyone has a path to follow, filled with unique stories and achievements.

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